Malaysia First Lego League(FLL)[15/1/12]

Again, in English.
(p/s: My English is not as good as you think. So, if you find out some grammar or spelling mistakes, forgive me and kindly tell me so I can improve myself.)
Wake up and go to fetch Suet May.
Then, of course go to school.
When we arrive at school,
Just Master Char at there. . .
So, I play Diabolo and train
(Conclusion: I decided to bring Diabolo… =.=)
because I have not been touching it after the December’11 performance
@ Tshing Nian
I missed a lot
and get the feeling back soon.
After having breakfast and get everything ready,
we drive to Taylor…
When we arrive at the hall,
I noticed that maybe we are quite late…
But then, nevermind.
We go out and practice
Ji Hong, Ting Sheng,
Jun Wei, “Sunny” Ang,
is training for the LION DANCE POSE
Here it is…

while I am playing Diabolo
Yi Sheng & Gee Ann is playing the flag
and Felicia is playing ukulele
We “managed” to attract many eyeballs…
and then is the time
I meet Eddy
we play diabolo together
and decided to play on stage later
Time past…
and when Dora has it’s last run,
we have show our face
and when the “YOYO Guys” is playing yoyo on stage
the Evolution encourage us to go up and PK !!!
We go up and “show off”
That’s cool, man!
After having the lunch,
Eddy say we will perform again when closing ceremony
k, then we have our performance planned,
the “Yellow Stick”

and choose the song…

After that, sure on stage
I very enjoy the moment I am on stage.
And we are on TV!!!
(about 2:30)
It’s short right…
Then see the long one…
Part of our performance..
(This is our performance.)
Then is the time about the result.
Prizes are given…
Host, “The Best Research Award goes to…”
We pray in heart that we will not get this award,
Because we think that we can get Best Project at least…
But, unfortunately…
“goes to team 40, Wissenschaft !”
We didn’t shout
We go up the stage
but I can hardly smile…
That moment…

when we get down,
we are quite upset,
but the miracle has happen,
host, “The Best Project Award goes to …”
“AGAIN, team 40 , WISSENSCHAFT !!!”
We shout !!!
We scream !!!
We run up to the stage !!!
This is called JOY !!!



That’s the end for this, I think.

Malaysia First Lego League(FLL)[15/1/12]”的一个响应


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