Malaysia First Lego League(FLL)[14/1/12]


I will use English to type this post as it is about FLL.
The first day…
of course,
full of excitement…
Wissenschaft 10 + 2

10 + 2 + Supporters

For your information,
Jun Wei, Mowwy, Felicia,Chin Guan and Ethan Chung
come with us as volunteers of FLL.
The Volunteers

When we arrive at Taylor,
the hall is crowded…
After eating the breakfast given (a bread actually),
we have our first “social time”… …
we go to communicate with other teams
such as the last year(2011) Champion, Bintulu Hawks,
Evolution and…
Wissenschaft & Bintulu Hawks

The time past
and soon the opening ceremony begin.
It is not as fun as last year…
Maybe is because a part is missing…
Last year,
every team’s leader will go up to the stage
and show their face…
This make the situation feel great…
But,this year…
The opening ceremony ended so fast that I didn’t manage to notice it had finished…
Then, the competition starts!
And before talking about the competition,
let’s know more about it.
Although FLL is a robotic competition,
but that doesn’t mean that the participant only play with the robot stuff…
It has 4 parts:
Robot Performance (Run the robot on the field and try to score high marks)
Robot Design (Participants need to demonstrate the robot that they designed)
Project Presentation (Find a question about the topic that given and try to give outstanding solutions)
Core Values (Play games in a team and show the teamwork)
To get the Champion, all 4 parts should be great enough
That is because the Champion of this year will have FREE TICKETS to US to participate WOC and GERMANY to participate EOC.
OK, back to the story…
We try to run DORA at the testing field provided
(DORA is our robot name for this year. It is stand for Design-Operate-Repair-Accomplish)
but it seems that DORA is not quite happy that day
We have faced some problems and give us a hard time
And soon,
is our 1st run of Robot Performance…
Not quite well and we have some arguments with the judges
Because we didn’t check the field carefully before running the robot
and we didn’t read the latest update of the rules and the rules is against of our strategy.
We get quite low mark and everyone feel low and the spirit of team is down…
We have to forget about it because the Project Presentation is going to start.
We cannot failed it because we have done so many things and sacrify so many things to make it the best.
We have our last run of Project Presentation before judging
Some of us is quite nervous …
My heart started to pump so fast that i can fell it and hear it….
When we get in, we smile to the judges and get everything ready..
And then, the presentation starts “Greeting …”
This year topic is about Food Factor and what we do is about the food quality of our school.
We use microarray to do the experiment
and check if there are 9 kinds of main bacterias that cause food poisoning exist or not.
The steps of our experiment are:
  • Bacteria Enrichment
  • DNA Extraction (boiling method)
  • PCR
  • Gel Electrophoresis
  • Hibridization
  • Data Analyse
And we found out that 2 samples of our school canteen food is contaminated
And then we have another question:
Why our canteen food is contaminated?
After discussion, we think that maybe the problem is the water.
So, we do the experiment again on water samples of our school.
And the water of RO water machine of our school and toilet tap water of our school is also contaminated.
But, is this the end?
Not really, a further research is required and RT-PCR might be a solution for us.
That’s what all about our project presentation.
The judges seems to be very interested of our project.
They asked a few questions.
But some answer is not given very clearly and fluently.
Maybe that’s our weakest point.
Will be improved.
After Project Presentation,
is Core Values’ turn.

Teamwork !

We didn’t do quite well as we misunderstand the instructions
we have improved a lot compare to last year.
After having lunch, we go back to the hall the repair DORA.
Then, we go to present our Robot Design.
We have prepared a ppt for it
and the judges suddenly says that dont need to open the ppt
just need to say it loud as usual.
Robot Presentation

We did it quite well, I think.
At the middle, a judge asks us where we get the idea of “net”,
the ” inventor”, Master Char (Ting Sheng) says,
“the thing to catch the fish”
and the judge immediately reply,”oh ~ something like guilong”
the other judge the says,”They are form Klang mah~ Klang is a port you know~”
Then we “smile” ( because we cant laugh so loud in front of judges)
After we come out from the room,
the noises of laughing is unstopable

After the last run of the day, the guardian of our team,
Chin Guan says that the judges want us to perform project presentation again
and we might get Best Project Award.
We rushed to the the room.
And we found out that it is not Project Presentation
it is Robot Design Presentation.
Oh my GOD!!!
Some of us rush to our robot stuff and we try to “revive” our memory about the robot presentation.
And Gee Ann notices that his laptop is “BATTERY LOW!!!”
OMG ! ! !
When we enter the room,
there are so many judges looking at us
After all, the presentation is quite good, I think so.
After that, the day is nearly ended
And then, I wonder if I should bring diabolo to perform at stage the next day?


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